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October 06, 2009


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*grin* I was just trying to decide whether to read a book or check blogs when I saw this (*giggle*). You're right on target in this post--I've been immersing myself in fiction lately, and in some ways, it really has been really refreshing for me.

Loved this, "Sometimes I do wonder whether I just love reading people's stories online. I'm amazed at how vulnerable and transparent and real some of my online friends are."

Off to read some Lord Peter Wimsey!


Too funny, Joanna! And one of the books I just read is "Strong Poison".. though I think I liked Gaudy Nights better, but I'm trying to go through and read all of them now. I like that they don't weigh much (little paperbacks) so I can hold them with one hand & read if I'm laying with G to get her to sleep. :)

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